Linear IgG deposition, occurs in:

  • Anti GBM disease (crescents, very strong staining)
  • Diabetes (no crescents, diabetic glomerosclerosis, IgG is non selectively absorbed into the highly permeable capillary wall, there is deposition of albumin & other plasma proteins)
  • Fibrillary GN (IgG absorbed into the fibrils)


Anti Ro/SSA Ab : Associated with SLE/PBC

Anti La/SSB Ab : Sjogrens

Anti – RNP Ab : MCTD/SLE. More prominent in Raynaud’s with mild renal involvment

Anti Scl-70 Ab : Systemic sclerosis

Anti Sm Ab : SLE. Assoc with increased severity and activity of renal disease. Can be induced by EBV by molecular mimicry.

Anti Mi-2 : 25% of dermatomyositis

Anti Jo-1 : Polymyositis (+/- dermatomyositis)


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